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Fireworks over St. Mary's River & International Bridge

Bridge Lighting & Fireworks

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  1. Sault Bridge

    The coloured lights that were installed on the bridge for the 50th Anniversary consists of more than 5,500 feet of rope lights. The rope lights are 120 Volt, 1/2″ 2-wire LED Rope Lighting, in the colours Red, Blue and Pearl White. Each arch is light in the colours of the respective country’s national flags. The arch light designs were selected by public vote last September. A good web browser search for 1/2″ 2-wire LED Rope Lighting in any major search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. will turn up any number of potential vendors that will sell the same specification lights. Yes, they really do look cool, don’t they!?!

  2. Jim Holt

    Those are really cool lights on the bridge in Red-White-Blue. What kind of lights are they? And where can we get them too?

  3. Amy Conway

    Just wanted to say thank you so much for the beautiful fireworks last night. They were wonderful! Also, the bridge looks great all lit up red, white, & red, white and blue.

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