2. Recommended Tag Placement (Autos)

Passenger Cars & SUVs

Please follow these guidelines when installing the IQ Tag in a vehicle that is less than 2.45 metres (8 feet) in height.

The location should be cleaned of dust and grime prior to installation. As shown in the illustration, the tag should be installed in the shaded area illustrated below on the INSIDE of your vehicle’s windshield. The tag should be installed away from the metal window frame, behind the rear-view mirror, to not impede the line of sight and 7.5cm (3 inches) away from the rearview mirror.  Note that many vehicles have electronic devices such as GPS units, radios and navigational compasses installed the rear-view mirror. These electronics can interfere with the operation of the transponder. Tags must be installed a minimum of 15 cm from electronic devices.

Tag should be placed horizontally.

Please contact your car manufacturer or check your car manual to identify the non-metallized area and place the tag there.

Place on the non-metallized part and far away from metallic objects