5. Tag Install Errors (Wipers, Other Tags, Orientation)

Beware of Windshield Wipers

The tag should be installed far away from the windshield wipers. Some trucks may also have their wipers positioned vertically when not used instead of horizontal. Please remember to keep at least 7.5cm away from metallic surfaces, wipers are usually metallic.

Avoid proximity with other tag

The RFID tag should not be installed close to other tags. Allow at least 7.5cm (2-3 inches) distance between the tags or install the tag on a different location if possible.

Installation Orientation

Tags must be installed horizontally. Tags that are installed vertically will not work.

The following example shows 3 installation errors on the same vehicle:

  1. Close to the vertical metallic support rod on the windshield
  2. Behind the wipers
  3. Immediately next to another tag