4. Recommended Tag Placement (Motorcycles)


For installation on a motorcycle, you will need a Headlamp Tag.

The Headlamp Tag must be attached to the motorcycle’s headlight. (A motorcycle windscreen may also work, but headlight is preferred).

Headlamp Tags

1. Check with the vehicle manufacturer manual if the headlamp glass contains metallic particles. Even though the tag is placed on the outside surface, there may be interference.

2. Clean the surface with a commercially available cleaning solution:

3. Avoid placing the tag too close to the headlamp frame. Additional frames may also interfere. Place the sticker horizontally at least 7.5cm (2-3 inches) away from the frame.

4. Place the sticker facing the antenna and not on a curved surface.

5. When applying the tag to a surface, it is recommended that the surface temperature should be within the range of 21oC to 38oC (70oF to 100F). Application is not recommended if the surface temperature is below 10oC (50oF).

6. Handle the tag with care during installation. Do not excessively bend or distort the tag when removing it from the liner. It is best to apply the tag by the edges.

Smooth out the tag to ensure complete adhesion and remove any air pockets.

If installation on the headlamp is not possible (for example the 2-3 inch distance can not be achieved) or the headlamp glass has metallic elements, the tags may be placed on any plastic surface (for example the bumper).  Again, the tag must be mounted a minimum of 2 inches from any metal structures. This includes any metal structures behind the bumper, such as bumper mounts or the vehicle’s frame.

7. Once the tag has been installed on the vehicle, there will be a period of time necessary to allow the tag’s adhesive to cure. Due to temperatures and humidity variations, the total cure time may vary. Most applications will experience an 80% cure of the adhesive within 1 hour and full adhesive cure within 72 hours of application.

Do not wash the vehicle or disturb the tag for 72 hours after installation.