Toll Rates (Commercial)

Class TypeClassificationU.S. Rate
(Oct 1, 2023)
Canadian Rate
(Oct 1, 2023)
5 & 11Commercial Truck, Bus with 2-axles$10.50$14.10
7Commercial Truck, Bus with 3-axles$15.75$21.15
8Commercial Truck with 4-axles$21.00$28.20
9Commercial Truck with 5-axles$26.25$35.25
16Commercial Truck with 6-axles$31.50$42.30
17Commercial Truck with 7-axles$36.75$49.35
18Commercial Truck with 8-axles$42.00$56.40
19Commercial Truck with 9-axles$47.25$63.45
20Commercial Truck with 10-axles$52.50$70.50
21Commercial Truck with 11-axles$57.75$77.55
Per extra additional axle over 11$5.25$7.05

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