Prepaid Accounts

The Bridge Administration is currently waiting for Xerox, our toll software vendor, to finalize publication of our customer account site.  Access to your account will be published here shortly.  Please check here for updates for accessing your account.

Prox Account Commuter Receipt

Sample “Prox” Account Commuter Receipt

Account holders signing in to view their existing accounts for the first time will require two pieces of information:

  1. Account number (A sample receipt is provided here.  Customers can find this on a receipt issued from the toll booth, or on their Prox cards).
  2. Postal Code or Zip Code, provided when your customer “Prox” account was originally opened.

Customers will require a valid email on their account to receive and complete the process to access their account online.

If you need to add an email address to your account, please contact the Bridge Administration office during regular business hours at either:

  • 1-906-635-5255 ext.105, or;
  • 1-705-942-4345 ext.105.