Commercial Escort Policy

Commercial Escort Policy

The International Bridge Administration (IBA) requires an IBA provided escort for vehicles and permitted loads meeting any one of the following criteria:

  • Loads crossing the International Bridge requiring a bridge supplied escort include:
    • Loads to Michigan (Southbound) in excess of 11 feet 4 inches wide.
    • Loads to Canada (Northbound) greater than 12 feet wide
  • Bridge escorts will be scheduled from daybreak to 8 A.M and 6 P.M to Dusk
  • Escorts must be supplied by the IBA due to the bridge’s two-lane configuration to ensure adequate traffic separation of oncoming auto and commercial traffic.
  • The driver of the vehicle must contact the IBA upon or before reaching the bridge plaza for the scheduled escort.
  • Semi loads arriving outside the approved crossing hours are completed solely at the discretion of the on-duty supervisor.
  • Bridge escorts must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours prior.  
    • Unscheduled vehicles requiring escort may experience significant delays.
    • Oversize loads greater than 12 feet wide may experience extended delays outside of scheduled escort hours.
    • Bridge escorts may be scheduled and allowed between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the sole discretion of the IBA only, as low or no bridge traffic volumes allow, and dependent upon the current status bridge project restrictions.

Standard Bridge Restrictions

(May be superseded by construction restrictions)

CategorySouthbound RestrictionNorthbound Restriction
Weightgreater than 144,000 lbs (72 tons) disallowedgreater than 144,000 lbs (72 tons) disallowed
Heightgreater than 17 feet disallowedgreater than 17 feet disallowed
Width - IBA Escorted Requiredgreater than 11 feet, 4"greater than 12 feet
Length - IBA Escorted Requiredgreater than 90 feetgreater than 90 feet
Other IBA escorted vehiclesLowboy trailersn/a
Other IBA escorted vehiclesAll vehicles carrying explosivesAll vehicles carrying explosives
  • All vehicles over 144,000 pounds and/or greater than 17 feet high are disallowed.
  • The maximum speed of a permitted load on the International Bridge is 20 mph.
  • Escorts for loads over 13 feet, 6 inches wide require the bridge to be shut down to oncoming traffic due to bridge lane restrictions.

Numbers to call to schedule bridge escort: 

In the US, call 906-635-5255, ext. 0.
In Canada call 705-942-4345, ext. 0.

Numbers to call for weight restriction approval:
In the US, call 906-635-5255, ext. 135.
In Canada, call 705-942-4345, ext. 135.