Prox Card reader installed on Northbound Tolls

Prox Card readers installed on northbound toll booths at Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge

December 12, 2014 – Installation of “Prox” toll card readers on the new northbound booths is being finished as part of the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge Toll Plaza Reconstruction project.

IMG_6138“Our customers really like the convenience of the card readers and automated lanes,” said Peter Petainen , International Bridge Administration (IBA) chief financial officer. “Despite delays due to weather, we are pleased to report the first reader and automated gate will be operational on Monday, Dec. 15.”

The outside northbound lane to Canada will be opened to Prox customers beginning Monday, with the second northbound lane ready for the cards in early January.

There are now three functioning toll lanes at the International Bridge. A fourth will be added in early February, after steel for the new plaza canopy is lifted into place. This will provide customers with two southbound and two northbound lanes during the next phase of construction.

The first southbound card reader and gate will be installed in the next lane to be opened in February. Six toll booths are in place and the remainder of the toll lanes will be constructed in the spring, with the goal to have additional lanes available for customers by the U.S. Memorial Day weekend in May.

When completed, the new toll plaza will have seven toll lanes served by six booths, all of which will be equipped with automated card readers, gates and patron fare displays.

The $8.9 million project is funded from toll revenue reserves the IBA has set aside in short-term investments over the past 10 years. The IBA funds all projects from reserves and does not carry any debt. The entire project will be completed in October 2015.

Customers can keep up with construction on twitter at , or check project updates or wait times on