Soo Bridge Celebrates 50 Years… (excerpt from

Soo Bridge Celebrates 50 Years, Ambassador Bridge Fights, and the Mighty Mac Separates

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 A few weeks ago I was visiting my camp and on the wall I saw a photo of my grandfather, Yrjö Petäinen.  The photo was taken by my father, Matti Petäinen, from the early 1970s as Yrjö stood at the base of the International Bridge.  At that time the bridge was about 10 years old, and by now that location is probably inaccessible, and such a photo would be frowned upon.   As I was looking at the photo with my uncle, my father’s brother, he noted the strong artistic contrast in the photo itself.  It was more than just any photo; the photo was also about family and of art.  But, if I was to take the liberty and extend the idea of “contrast” just a bit further, the photo reminds me that bridges can generate ideas of co-operation, conflict and commerce.

The International Bridge:  A Gateway of Co-operation

This year the International Bridge is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  On a 2 mile path…

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International Bridge under Canadian Approach - Yrjö Petäinen

Yrjö Petäinen (1974-1978), Photo by Matti Petäinen

Not Just Another Bridge

International Bridge - August 8, 2012

The International Bridge at the Sault is not just another bridge, not to me.  I crossed the bridge with my father the very first time when I was 12 years old.  Next week will mark my 26th consecutive trip across the great bridge into Ontario.