The Resourceful Visitor

All families have their oft repeated stories from the past, and mine is no different . . . though we think this border “tail” of ours is unique.

Little David was born in 1920 and lived with his parents on the Canadian side of the St. Mary’s River. One day when he was six or seven years old his mother allowed him, as she often did, to bring his best friend – his puppy – on a visit to his aunt’s home in Sault, Michigan.


International Incident

In order to publicize the Winter Carnival and Carnival Queen Elections at Lake Superior State College in 1969, the Carnival Queens were “kidnapped” by the Canadian Club members and held for ransom.


Ferry Transit Tokens

These were the tokens used for International Transit between the two Saults. When it became apparent that the ferry traffic was going to be discontinued forever, I kept the token from my last ferry ride as a memento.

Mr. & Mrs. Martin with the Famous Trotter ‘Mrs. Dean’

Photo of a Horse and Buggy crossing the International BridgeCongratulations on reaching 50 years of bridging Canada and the United States with the International Bridge.  We recently saw a small scan of your 50th Anniversary Brochure “Bridging Our Past … Connecting Our Future” and we were thrilled to see our grandfather, Milton Martin on the cover – with his horse and sled.  I’ve looked online without success to find a copy of the brochure.  Would it be possible to have several copies of this brochure mailed to me so I could distribute them to my cousins as a keepsake.  My Mom and Uncle are still alive and would be so excited to see this picture used.  Would it be possible to get a digital copy of the original picture? Thank you for any help you can give me … and thank you for honouring my Grandpa in this wonderful way.


Northland Barbershop Chorus

Logo for the Northland Barbershop ChorusThere are probably quite a few groups in the Sault Ste. Marie area that have members on both sides of the river. One of them is the Northland Barbershop Chorus — a group of singers based in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Most of the approximately 50 members are Canadian, but there are currently eight of us from the Michigan side of the river. Our rehearsals and most of our performances are in Sault, Ontario, so I probably cross the bridge over 50 times a year. I love singing, but I’m not sure I’d want to take that many ferry rides!