Mr. & Mrs. Martin with the Famous Trotter ‘Mrs. Dean’

Photo of a Horse and Buggy crossing the International BridgeCongratulations on reaching 50 years of bridging Canada and the United States with the International Bridge.  We recently saw a small scan of your 50th Anniversary Brochure “Bridging Our Past … Connecting Our Future” and we were thrilled to see our grandfather, Milton Martin on the cover – with his horse and sled.  I’ve looked online without success to find a copy of the brochure.  Would it be possible to have several copies of this brochure mailed to me so I could distribute them to my cousins as a keepsake.  My Mom and Uncle are still alive and would be so excited to see this picture used.  Would it be possible to get a digital copy of the original picture? Thank you for any help you can give me … and thank you for honouring my Grandpa in this wonderful way.


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